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Fixing our eyes upon Jesus ... Hebrews 12:2


Fredericksburg Bible Church was established in September 1977 by several families who felt that their spiritual needs were not being met elsewhere.

The first service of the new church was held at the Agriculture Building on October 2, 1977.  In 1979, the church moved its meeting place to the Seventh Day Adventist Building. In 1983, the church moved to the Historical Society Building.

Finally, early in 1988, the building the Bible Church occupies was purchased from First Baptist Church, who remained in the building under a lease until just before Christmas. The first service of the Bible Church in their new home was Christmas morning of 1988.

Property and Buildings

The sanctuary was constructed in 1889, and was the home of Bethany Lutheran Church until 1954 when First Baptist Church purchased the building. During their ownership many additions including classrooms, offices and a fellowship hall were built along with a renovation of the sanctuary.

In 1988 Fredericksburg Bible Church purchased the facility as their permanent home. In 2000 a major renovation of the sanctuary was completed. The sanctuary is capable of holding approximately 250 people.


Fredericksburg Bible Church is an independent Bible church that is not affiliated with any formal organization.

Church Organization

Jesus Christ as the head of the church.

A Council of Elders with responsibility for:

     Providing for the teaching of God's Word.

     Monitoring compliance to the doctrinal statement.
     Implementing the spiritual direction for the church.

     Overseeing the congregation and attending to their spiritual needs.

A Board of Deacons with responsibility for:
     Maintaining the facility.
     Providing for church operation.
     Serving the body.

Church Ministries

The church has various ministries that are internal in nature in an effort to edify and unite the body.

A monthly newsletter, called "The Monthly Messenger," is published in order to further minister to our congregation and keep them informed of current events and church issues.

We have an effective prayer ministry with various methods of disseminating requests while offering different times for corporate prayer as well as encouraging and facilitating personal prayer. Additionally, we have an emergency prayer request line for urgent prayer requests.

We have a very active audio ministry. Sunday morning Bible class , Sunday worship service, and Wednesday night Bible study are recorded and distributed to those who can't regularly attend, and others throughout the US.


Evangelism is always communicated from the pulpit as we have a continual stream of visitors during our Sunday Worship Service. These visitors are generally tourists and are usually just visiting Fredericksburg with no plans to return.

Since Fredericksburg is a small community where most everyone knows everyone, a majority of community evangelism is done through one on one contact that is enhanced through social events sponsored by the church. Just a few of these events include an annual men's fish fry held at a members ranch, an annual family entertainment program at the church, a men's scramble golf tournament and an annual creek baptism. The baptism is a huge church-wide event held at a member's ranch. Visitors are regularly in attendance to the event where they hear a clear gospel message. This event also includes time of fun, fellowship and an old fashion country barbeque.


Fredericksburg Bible Church is missions-oriented with an approved slate of missionaries supported through prayer, gifts, and short-term mission trips that often include some of our congregation. These short-term participants are announced in the church prior to their trip and prayed for before and during their trip. Upon returning from their mission trip they share their experiences with the congregation.

In an effort to keep missions in front of our congregation we publish a "missionary of the month" in our weekly church bulletin and encourage prayer for all our missionaries. We also invite our missionaries to come and speak whenever possible.


We have various methods we use to embrace new attendees and enhance fellowship.  The church has some social events that are blended with ministry that are designed to build relationships and promote fellowship. One example is a pot-luck luncheon after the Sunday worship service on the third Sunday of every other month.  Another is our Ladies night out. This event brings the ladies together to have a time of fun and fellowship with featured guest speakers.

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