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Teacher Brent Bates

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 Adult Sunday School/Wednesday Bible Study -- Proverbs

B0638 09/24/06 Proverbs Introduction To Proverbs   Audio
B0639 10/01/06 Prov 1:1-6 The Purpose Of Proverbs   Audio
B0640 10/08/06 Prov 1:2-8 The Purpose & Reason For Proverbs   Audio
B0641 10/15/06 Prov 1:8-19 Just Don't Go!   Audio
B0642 10/22/06 Prov 1:20-33 Wisdom In The Streets   Audio
B0643 10/29/06 Prov 2:1-15 The 'If' And 'Then' Proverb   Audio
B0644 11/05/06 Prov 2:16-22 The Strange Woman   Audio
B0645 11/12/06 Prov 3:1-12 Finding Favor With God   Audio
B0646 11/19/06 Prov 3:13-35 Exaltation Of Wisdom & Finding Favor With Man   Audio
B0647 11/26/06 Prov 4:1-4 The Wise Man   Audio
B0648 12/03/06 Prov 4:10-19 Comparison Of Paths   Audio
B0649 12/10/06 Prov 4:20-27 God's Way Of Instruction   Audio
B0650 12/17/06 Prov 5:1-14 Flee To Be Free   Audio
B0651 12/24/06 Prov 5:15-23 Benefits Of Fidelity   Audio
B0652 12/31/06 Prov 6:1-5 Financial Principles   Audio
B0701 01/07/07 Prov 6:6-19 The Ant, The Sluggard, & The Worthless Man   Audio
B0702 01/14/07 Prov 6:20-35 Observe The Commandments Of Your Father   Audio
B0703 01/21/07 Prov 7:1-5 Keep My Commandments & Live   Audio
B0704 01/28/07 Prov 7:6-7 Among The Naive   Audio
B0705 02/04/07 Prov 7:8-27 Listen To Me   Audio
B0706 02/11/07 Prov 8:1-11 Wisdom Personified - Part 1   Audio
B0707 02/18/07 Prov 8:12-14 Wisdom Personified - Part 2   Audio
B0708 02/25/07 Prov 8:12-14 Good Counsel   Audio
B0710 03/11/07 Prov 8:15-31 Wisdom Personified - Part 3   Audio
B0712 03/25/07 Prov 9:1-18 Wisdom & Folly   Audio
B0713 04/01/07 Prov 10:1-4 Righteousness Delivers From Death   Audio
B0714 04/08/07 Prov 10:5-12 Love Covers All Transgressions   Audio
B0715 04/15/07 Prov 10:13-20 Wise Men Store Up Knowledge   Audio
B0717 04/29/07 Prov 10:18-21 The Forked Tongue   Audio
B0718 05/06/07 Prov 10:22-27 The Fear Of The Lord Prolongs Life   Audio
B0719 05/13/07 Prov 10:28-32 The Mouth Of The Righteous Flows With Wisdom   Audio
B0720 05/20/07 Prov 11:1-5 Value Of Righteousness   Audio
B0721 06/03/07 Prov 11:12-15 A Man Of Understanding Keeps Silent   Audio
B0722 06/10/07 Prov 11:16-27 Steadfast In Righteousness Attains Life   Audio
B0723 06/17/07 Prov 11:28-31 He Who Wins Souls Is Wise   Audio
B0724 06/24/07 Prov 12:1-5 Whoever Loves Discipline Loves Knowledge   Audio
C0728 08/08/07 Prov 1:1-8 Proverbs Review   Audio
C0729 08/15/07 Prov 12:1-8 Wicked Vs. Upright   Audio
C0730 08/22/07 Prov 12:9-12 Respectable Mediocrity   Audio
C0731 08/29/07 Prov 12:12-15 Who's Foolin Who   Audio
C0732 09/05/07 Prov 12:16-18 The Tongue   Audio
C0733 09/12/07 Prov 12:20-28 The Tongue & Diligence   Audio
C0734 09/19/07 Various Prov Naive, Fool, Wicked   Audio
C0735 09/26/07 Prov 13:1-3 Scoffers   Audio
C0736 10/03/07 Prov 13:4 The Sluggard   Audio
C0739 10/24/07 Prov 13:5-11 Hating Falsehood   Audio
C0740 10/31/07 Prov 13:12-19 Desires Of The Heart   Audio
C0741 11/07/07 Prov 13:20-25 Walking With The Wise   Audio

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