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All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work ... 2 Timothy 3:16-17


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Sunday Morning Worship

A0538 09/18/05 Matt 24:32-51 Jerry Bain Watch Therefore   Audio
A0539 09/25/05 Jas 3:13-18 Fred Bates True Wisdom   Audio
A0551 12/25/05 Lk 1:26-38 Jeremy Thomas The Birth Of The King Text  
A0616 04/16/06 Matt 26:26-29 Jeremy Thomas Passover And The Lord's Supper Text  
A0625 06/18/06 Gen 25 Dr. George Meisinger The Bema Seat   Audio
A0626 06/25/06 Mk 1:22-23 Paul Henebury Jesus' Teaching In The Synagogue   Audio
A0627 07/02/06 Ps 120 Kelly Doherty The One Who Will Pilgrim   Audio
A0652 12/24/06 Lk 2:1-20 Jeremy Thomas The Birth Of A Savior Text  
A0715 04/15/07 Various Dr. Rich Robinson Christ & The Passover   Audio
A0720 05/20/07 Is 53:4-12 Brian Williams YAHWEH Is Salvation   Audio
A0743 10/28/07 Rom 1:16-17 Jeremy Thomas October 31, 1517 Text Audio
A0751 12/23/07 Lk 2:1-7 Jeremy Thomas When Christ Was Born   Audio
A0812 03/23/08 1 Cor 15:1-5 Jeremy Thomas What Is The Gospel   Audio
A0817 04/27/08 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 1   Audio
A0822 06/01/08 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 2   Audio
A0823 06/08/08 Various Dick Roesch Battle Cry Of The Reformation - Part 1 Text Audio
A0824 06/15/08 Various Dick Roesch Battle Cry Of The Reformation - Part 2 Text Audio
A0837 09/14/08 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 3   Audio
A0843 10/26/08 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 4   Audio
A0844 11/02/08 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 5   Audio
A0851 12/21/08 Matt 1:18-25 Jeremy Thomas Why The Virgin Birth?   Audio
A0917 04/26/09 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 6   Audio
A0918 05/03/09 Various Brian Williams The Ascension & Biblical History - Part 7   Audio
A0936 09/06/09 Various Dick Roesch The Question Of Authority Text Audio
A0951 12/20/09 Matt 2:1-12 Jeremy Thomas The World's Reception Of The King Text Audio
A1008 02/21/10 2 Peter 2:1-3 Dick Roesch Change, Tradition & Hermeneutics Text Audio
A1014 04/04/10 1 Cor 15:12-19 Jeremy Thomas The Only Solution -- Resurrection Text Audio
A1042 10/17/10 Heb 12:4-13 Mark Beall Church Discipline - Part 1 Text Audio
A1043 10/24/10 Matt 18:15-17 Mark Beall Church Discipline - Part 2 Text Audio
A1052 12/26/10 Luke 2:21-35 Jeremy Thomas Simeon's Encounter With The Messiah Text Audio
A1105 01/31/11   Dick Roesch Why A Ministry To Men Text Audio
A1113 03/27/11 Gal 1:3-9 Dick Roesch Confusing Justification & Sanctification Text Audio
A1115 04/10/11 James 1:2-8 Dr. Fred Lybrand Handling Suffering   Audio
A1117 04/24/11   Jeremy Thomas The Urgency Of The Gospel Text Audio
A1129 07/17/11   Jerry Bain The Devolution Of Man   Audio
A1144 10/30/11 Matt 12:10 Dick Roesch Losing Scriptural Meaning Text Audio
A1152 12/25/11 Luke 2:8-20 Jeremy Thomas Watchtower Of The Flock Text Audio
A1214 04/02/12 Matt 8:5-13 Dr. Dave Olander He Marvels   Audio
A1215 04/08/12 1 Cor 15:20-28 Jeremy Thomas Resurrection For Dominion Text Audio
A1227 07/01/12 Gal 1:1-9 Dick Roesch Our Separated Brethren Text Audio
A1232 08/01/12 Hab 1 & 2 James F. Myers Responsibilities Of God's People In Tough Times   Audio
A1248 11/25/12 Various Dave Hart Sharing In The Glories Of Christ   Audio
A1252 12/23/12 Various Jeremy Thomas The Legal Descent Of The King Text Audio
A1310 03/10/13 Mark 8:27-29 Dick Roesch Evangelizing In A Postmodern World Text Audio
A1313 03/31/13 Various Jeremy Thomas The Resurrection Text Audio
A1320 05/19/13 Ex 4:1-9 Dennis Waltemeyer Signs, Miracles, & Wonders Text Audio
A1335 09/01/13 Psalm 19 Dennis Waltemeyer General Revelation Text Audio
A1341 10/13/13   Dr. Robert Carter The 'Alternative', Creation's Competitive Edge   Audio
A1348 12/01/13 Eph 2:1-10 Dennis Waltemeyer Grace: God's Unmerited Favor Text Audio
A1351 12/22/13 Micah 5:2-6 Jeremy Thomas O Little Town Of Bethlehem Text Audio
A1414 04/06/14 Daniel 6 Jeremy Thomas The Lion's Den Text Audio
A1423 06/08/14 Gen 12:1-3 Mark Beall Survey Of The Biblical Covenants Text Audio
A1448 11/30/14 John 3:1-15 Dennis Waltemeyer New Birth and Nicodemus Text Audio
A1450 12/14/14 Various Jeremy Thomas The Birth of the King   Audio
A1451 12/21/14 Matt 2:1-12 Jeremy Thomas The Response to the King's Birth Text Audio
A1522 05/31/15 Rom 1:8-13 Billy Morgan Biblical Concept of Establishing Believers   Audio
A1523 06/07/15 Doug Gray Psalm 90:1-12   Audio
A1548 11/29/15 Various Dick Roesch Reflections on Salvation Text  
A1551 12/20/15 Various Jeremy Thomas Muhammad Was Not Born of a Virgin Text Audio
A1609 02/28/16 John 3:16-21 Dennis Waltemeyer The New Birth (see Part 1 from 11/30/14) Text Audio
A1637 09/11/16 Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Dennis Waltemeyer The Suffering Servant Text Audio
A1648 11/27/16 Exodus 3-4 Dennis Waltemeyer The Call of Moses Text Audio
A1652 12/25/16 Matthew 1:18-25 Jeremy Thomas Why Did God Become Man? And the Virgin Conception


A1702 01/08/17 Exodus 5:1-7:7 Dennis Waltemeyer Let My People Go


A1716 04/16/17 1 Corinthians 15:35-49 Jeremy Thomas What is the Resurrection Body Like?


A1741 10/08/17 1 Peter 2:4-12 Jeremy Thomas The Privileges of Being God's People, Part 1


A1742 10/15/17 1 Peter 2:4-12 Jeremy Thomas The Privileges of Being God's People, Part 2


A1752 12/24/17 Various Jeremy Thomas How Satan Tried to Destroy Christmas   Audio

Sunday Adult Class

B0501 01/02/05 Mat 24:1-31

Jeremy Thomas

Are Earthquakes A Sign Of The Times?

B0536 09/18/05 Various Ron Rogers Doctrine Of Suffering   Audio
B0637 09/17/06 Various Ron Rogers Doctrine of Suffering - Part 2 Audio
B0624 06/18/06   Dr. George Meisinger About Chafer Theological Seminary   Audio
B0625 06/25/06 Is 28:23-24 Paul Henebury God's Wisdom In Creation   Audio
B0630 07/30/06 Jn 15:1-3 Jeremy Thomas The Christian's Fruitbearing Text  
B0631 08/06/06 Jn 15:4-6 Jeremy Thomas The Christian's Fruitbearing - Part 2 Text  
  08/06/06 Jn 15:1-6 Jeremy Thomas Addendum To The Christian's Fruitbearing Text  
B0709 03/04/07 Job 1, 2, 38, 42 Jeremy Thomas The Endurance Of Job Text Audio
B0711 03/18/07   Joe Thomas GoodSeed International   Audio
B0725 07/01/07   Jeremy Thomas Note Taking Text  
B0826 07/27/08   James F. Meyers Sins Against The Holy Spirit   Audio
B0903 01/18/09   Dan Moyer Missionary Report From Zambia   Audio
B0918 05/03/09   Mark Beall Introduction To Church Discipline   Audio
B0933 08/16/09 2 Thess 3:1-5 Frank Benoit Petition, Promise, Perspective, Progress   Audio
B0936 09/06/09 Various Doug Gray The Attack On Spiritual Authority


B1015 04/11/10 Psalm 19:1-4 Jeremy Thomas Fibonacci Number & Divine Proportion


B1041 10/10/10 2 Timothy Frank Benoit The Legacy Of Last Words


B1105 01/31/11 1 Peter 3:15 Jerry Bain Be Prepared For The Defense Of Gospel


B1114 04/10/11   Dr. Fred Lybrand Faith & Works


B1135 09/04/11   Jeff Gutterman My First Born Ministries


B1214 04/02/12 Phil 2:5-11 Dr. Dave Olander Christ's Humility


B1226 07/01/12   Doug Gray The Battle For Scriptural Authority


B1231 08/01/12   James F. Myers Being A Missionary   Audio
B1237 09/16/12   Dennis Waltemeyer Israel Back In The Land   Audio
B1312 03/24/13 James 2:14-26 Jeremy Thomas Adding Works To Faith - Part 1   Audio
B1313 03/31/13 2:14-26 Jeremy Thomas Adding Works To Faith - Part 2   Audio
B1328 07/14/13   Jeremy Thomas Three Models Of Sanctification Text Audio
B1341 10/13/13   Dr. Robert Carter Dinosaurs & The Bible   Audio
B1344 11/03/13 Col 2:8-15. Dr. Frank Benoit Deity Of Christ   Audio
B1346 11/17/13 Acts 11:1-18 Jeremy Thomas Peter's Defense Of Gentile Salvation Text Audio
B1421 06/08/14   Dennis Waltemeyer Drugs & Alcohol Text Audio
B1522 05/31/15   Billy Morgan Phillipines Missions Project   Audio
B1537 09/20/15   David "DJ" Searcy New Tribes Mission Update   Audio
B1604 01/24/16 Mark 10:32-45 Frank Benoit Missionary Update & "Seeking Privilege vs. Serving Others"   Audio
B1609 02/28/16 Various Tom Holubik The Bible: The Written History   Audio
B1637 09/11/16 Various Doug Gray Psalm 137   Audio
B1648 11/27/16 Psalm 91 Tom Holubik Security of the One Who Trusts in the Lord Text Audio
B1702 01/08/17   Dr. Mark Eden The Judgment Seat   Audio
B1751 12/17/17   Pastor Jeremy Thomas Believe and Be Baptized?   Audio

Wednesday Night Bible Study

C0529 08/03/05 Various Brent Bates The Essence Of God   Audio
C0536 09/21/05 Jas 4:1-10 Fred Bates Living In Grace   Audio
C0537 09/28/05 Jas 4:11-17 Fred Bates The Tongue   Audio
C0645 12/06/06 Various Dick Roesch Six Attitudes Toward The Bible


C0711 03/21/07 Various Dick Roesch Faith Adrift   Audio
C0715 04/18/07 Various Dick Roesch Apostasy   Audio
C0719 05/16/07 Various Dick Roesch Eternal Security   Audio
C0737 10/10/07 Genesis Doug Thornton Sin Handout Audio
C0738 10/17/07 Various Doug Thornton Looking At Sin   Audio
C0745 12/12/07 Various Jeremy Thomas Pre-Trib Research Center


C0810 03/12/08 Various Jeremy Thomas Sufficiency Of Scripture   Audio
C0811 03/19/08 Various Dr. George Meisinger Biblical Summary Of Lust   Audio
C0910 03/11/09 Various Dick Roesch Justification By Faith & Mysticism


C0911 03/18/09 Various Jeremy Thomas How To Survive In Apostasy


C0917 04/29/09 Various Dick Roesch Justification By Faith & Emerging Church Movement - Part 1


C0918 05/06/09 Various Dick Roesch Justification By Faith & Emerging Church Movement - Part 2


C0946 12/09/09 Various Jeremy Thomas The Judgment Seat Of Christ


C0947 12/16/09 Various Jeremy Thomas Chronological Relationship Of Three Septet Judgments




04/27/11 Various Jeremy Thomas God's Program Of World Redemption




05/29/11 Various Jeremy Thomas Readings On The Problem Of Evil - Part 1   Audio


06/08/11 Various Jeremy Thomas Readings On The Problem Of Evil - Part 2




12/07/11 Various Jeremy Thomas Pre-Trib Conference   Audio


12/21/11 Jas 2:14-26 Jeremy Thomas Saved From What?   Audio


12/05/12 Various Jeremy Thomas Question & Answer   Audio


12/04/13 Various Jeremy Thomas The Land Covenant: Fulfilled Or Unfulfilled   Audio


06/11/14 Genesis 3 Ron Rogers Genesis 3   Audio


12/03/14 Various Jeremy Thomas Consistent Futurism - Pre-Trib Conference (Dec 1-3, 2014)




12/10/14 Various Jeremy Thomas Consistent Futurism, Part 2 - Pre-Trib Conference (Dec 1-3, 2014)


C1514 04/22/15 Doug Gray Psalm 90 Audio
C1519 06/10/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 1 Audio
C1520 06/24/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 2 Audio
C1521 07/08/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 3 Audio
C1522 07/15/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 4 Audio
C1523 07/22/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 5 Audio
C1524 07/29/15 Jeremy Thomas Israel Trip 2015, Part 6 Audio
C1541 12/02/15 Greg Hill Sanctification Audio
C1542 12/09/15 Jeremy Thomas The Relationship Between Israel's Repentance and the Kingdom of God - Pre-Trib Conference (Dec 7-9, 2015)


C1543 12/16/15 Tom Holubik History of the Bible & Translations


C1642 10/19/16 Hebrews 11:8-16 Jeremy Thomas The Faith of the Patriarchs


C1649 12/07/16 Various Jeremy Thomas Annual Q & A, Part 1


C1650 12/14/16 Various Jeremy Thomas Annual Q & A, Part 2


C1711 03/08/17 Various Duluth Bible Church The Gospel Roadmap

C1712 03/15/17 Various Jeremy Thomas The Gospel Roadmap: A Review

C1731 07/26/17 Doug Gray Psalm 139

C1732 08/02/17 Tom Holubik Ruth 1-2

C1733 08/09/17 Tom Holubik Ruth 3-4

C1734 08/16/17 Doug Gray Psalm 139:13-24

C1736 08/30/17 Mark Beall Kenya Mission Trip Report

C1750 12/06/17 Tom Holubik The Ark Encounter

C1802 01/10/18 Matthew 23:37-24:31 Jeremy Thomas Are There Any Signs of His Coming in the Church Age?


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