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June 2017

Pastor-Teacher Jeremy Thomas

June Calendar

Vacation Bible School: Operation Arctic

Grab your parka and snow boots! With this VBS 2017 curriculum, weíre headed deep into the stunning Arctic Circle! And be sure to pack your Bible—weíll be learning all about that breathtakingly beautiful Book filled with treasure and thrilling to explore! Letís plunge on in to this cold world and Godís wonderful Word! Operation Arctic promises to be a flurry of fun and excitement! Letís go!


Women: Health & Wellness Presentation

Summer is almost upon us, and with that comes a lot of activity. Whether you garden, play sports, or just chauffeur kids or grandkids to their activities, you want to be as healthy as possible. Kim Thornton, RD, will be presenting at the July Women's Ministry meeting. She'll discuss wellness issues, and will answer your questions. For instance: Is organic produce better? Do you need to take supplements, and if so, what kinds are best? Why is "processed food" so bad for you? What about diabetes and heart disease? Please plan to join us on July 11.



Audio Ministry

The Fredericksburg Bible Church Audio Ministry is a grace ministry that records the Sunday Worship, Sunday Adult Class, and Wednesday Night Bible Study messages on compact disk for distribution upon request without cost. Postal regulations and rates have increased the cost of mailing. Alternatively, these messages can be listened to, or downloaded, from the Church's Website at or from Apple iTunes Podcast directory. If you would prefer to receive our audio messages using these alternatives instead of CD's thereby saving us postage expense, please call (830-997-8834) or email at the church office. Donations toward this ministry are always welcome. Thank you.

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