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All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work ... 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Pastor-Teacher Jeremy Thomas

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Major Bible Themes

B0510 03/06/05 Chapter 1 The Bible: The Word of God Text  
B0511 03/13/05 Chapter 2 The Bible: Inspired of God Text  
B0512 03/20/05 Chapter 3 The Bible: Its Subject/Purpose Text  
B0513 03/27/05 Chapter 4 The Bible: As A Divine Revelation Text  
B0514 04/03/05 Chapter 5 God the Trinity - Part 1 Text  
B0515 04/10/05 Chapter 5 God the Trinity - Part 2 Text  
B0516 04/24/05 Chapter 6 God the Father Text  
B0517 05/01/05 Chapter 7 God the Son: His Deity & Eternity Text  
B0518 05/08/05 Chapter 8 God the Son: His Incarnation Text  
B0519 05/15/05 Chapter 9 God the Son: His Substitutionary Death Text  
B0520 05/22/05 Chapter 10 God the Son: His Resurrection Text  
B0521 05/29/05 Chapter 11 God the Son: His Ascension Text  
B05xx 06/05/05 Chapter 12 God the Son: His Coming For His Saints Text  
B0522 06/12/05 Chapter 13 God the Son: His Coming With His Saints Text  
B0523 06/19/05 Chapter 14 God the Holy Spirit: His Personality Text  
B0524 06/26/05 Chapter 15 God the Holy Spirit: His Advent Text  
B0525 07/03/05 Chapter 16 God the Holy Spirit: His Regeneration Text  
B0526 07/10/05 Chapter 17 God the Holy Spirit: His Indwelling & Sealing Text  
B0527 07/17/05 Chapter 18 God the Holy Spirit: His Baptism Text  
B0528 07/24/05 Chapter 19 God the Holy Spirit: His Filling Text  
B0529 07/31/05 Chapter 20 The Dispensations Text  
B0530 08/07/05 Chapter 21 The Covenants - Part 1 Text  
B0531 08/14/05 Chapter 21 The Covenants - Part 2 Text  
B0532 08/21/05 Chapter 22 The Angels Text  
B0533 08/28/05 Chapter 23 Satan: His Personality & Power Text  
B0534 09/04/05 Chapter 24 Satan: His Work & Destiny Text  
B0535 09/11/05 Chapter 25 Man: His Creation - Part 1 Text  
B0538 10/02/05 Chapter 25 Man: His Creation - Part 2 Text  
B0539 10/09/05 Chapter 25 Man: His Creation - Part 3 Text  
B0540 10/16/05 Chapter 26 Man: His Fall Text  
B0541 10/23/05 Chapter 28 Salvation From The Penalty Of Sin Text  
B0542 10/30/05 Chapter 29 Salvation From The Power Of Sin Text  
B0543 11/06/05 Chapter 30 Four Aspects Of Righteousness Text  
B0545 11/20/05 Chapter 31 Sanctification Text  
B0546 11/27/05 Chapter 32 Assurance Of Salvation Text  
B0547 12/04/05 Chapter 33 Security Of Salvation Text  
B0548 12/11/05 Chapter 34 Divine Election Text  
B0549 12/18/05 Chapter 35 The Church: Her Members Text  
B0601 01/08/06 Chapter 36 The Church: Her Purpose And Commission Text  
B0602 01/15/06 Chapter 37 The Church: Her Service And Stewardship   Audio
B0603 01/22/06 Chapter 38 The Church: Her Worship, Prayer & Thanksgiving   Audio
B0604 01/29/06 Chapter 39 The Church: Her Organization & Ordinances Text  
B0605 02/05/06 Chapter 40 The Church: Her Body & Bride Of Christ & Her Reward   Audio
B0606 02/12/06 Chapter 41 The Sabbath & The Lord's Day Text  
B0607 02/19/06 Chapter 42 The Gentiles In History & Prophesy Text  
B0608 02/26/06 Chapter 43 Israel In History & Prophesy Text  
B0609 03/05/06 Chapter 44 Events Preceding The Second Coming Of Christ Text  
B0610 03/12/06 Chapter 45 The Great Tribulation Text
B0611 03/19/06 Chapter 46 The Second Coming Of Christ Audio
B0612 03/26/06 Chapter 47 The Resurrections Text
B0613 04/02/06 Chapter 48 The Judgment Of Israel & The Nations Text
B0614 04/09/06 Chapter 49 The Millennial Kingdom Text
B0615 04/16/06 Chapter 50-51 The Judgment Of Satan & Fallen Angels Text
B0616 04/23/06 Chapter 52 The New Heavens & The New Earth

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