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All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work ... 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Teacher Jerry Bain

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B0402 01/11/04 Genesis The Book Of The Beginnings   Audio
B0403 01/18/04 Gen 1:1-25 The Six Days Of Creation   Audio
A0404 01/25/04 Gen 1:26-2:3 The Creation Of Man - Part 1   Audio
A0405 02/01/04 Gen 2:4 The Creation Of Man - Part 2   Audio
B0406 02/08/04 Gen 3:1-13 The Fall - Part 1   Audio
B0407 02/15/04 Gen 3:14-24 The Fall Of Man - Part 2 - Judgment Audio
B0408 02/22/04 Gen 4:1-6:5 The Flood - Part 1 ( Background) Audio
B0409 02/29/04 Gen 6:6-8:22 The Flood - Part 2 Audio
B0410 03/07/04 Gen 9:1-29 The Flood - Part 3 Audio
B0411 03/14/04 Gen 10 & 11 The Origin Of Nations Audio
B0412 03/21/04 Gen 12:1-20 The Call Of Abraham Audio
B0413 03/28/04 Gen 13:1-18 Guidelines For Decision Making Audio
B0415 04/11/04 Gen 14:1-24 Abram Had A Lot To Gain Audio
B0417 04/25/04 Gen 15 A Righteous God, A Guilty Sinner Audio
B0418 05/02/04 Gen 16:1-16 Does The End Justify The Means Audio
B0419 05/09/04 Gen 17:1-27 The Sign Of The Covenant Audio
B0421 05/23/04 Gen 18:1-33 Abraham Intercedes For Sodom Audio
B0422 05/30/04 Gen 19:1-38 From Councilman To Cave Man Audio
B0423 06/06/04 Gen 20:1-18 Abraham Slips & Falls Audio
B0424 06/13/04 Gen 21 The Tale of Two Ladies Audio
B0425 06/20/04 Gen 22:1-24 The Supreme Test Audio
B0426 06/27/04 Gen 23:1-20 Dealing With Death Audio
B0429 07/18/04 Gen 24:1-67 Principles For Finding A Life Partner Audio
B0430 07/25/04 Gen 25:19-34 The Factors That Determine Your Destiny Audio
B0437 09/12/04 Gen 26:1-33 4 Principles That Transform An Ordinary Life Audio
B0438 09/19/04 Gen 27:1-4 Life's Greatest Achievement Audio
B0440 10/03/04 Gen 27:41-28:22 Jacob's Ladder Audio
B0441 10/10/04 Gen29:1-30:24 Lessons For Jacob Audio
B0442 10/17/04 Gen 30:25-43 To Act Or React - That Is The Question Audio
B0443 10/24/04 Gen 31 & 32 How To Overcome Fear Audio
B0446 11/14/04 Gen 33:1-15 A Reconciliation Between Two Brothers Audio
B0447 11/21/04 Gen 33:16-35:15 The Restoration Of A Backslider Audio
B0450 12/12/04 Gen 37:1-11 Just A Teenager Audio
B0451 12/19/04 Gen 37:12-36 Coincidence Of Providence Audio
B0452 12/26/04 Gen 39:1-20 Joseph's Temptation Audio
B0502 01/09/05 Gen 39:20-40:23 Detours Of Life Audio
B0503 01/16/05 Gen 41:1-57 Joseph's Greatest Test Audio
B0504 01/23/05 Gen 42:1-38 God's Magic Ring At Work Audio
B0505 01/30/05 Gen 43:1-34 Divine Discipline In A Believer's Life Audio
B0506 02/06/05 Gen 44:1-34 The Final Test Audio
B0507 02/13/05 Gen 45:1-46:28 Basic Principles In Determining God's Will Audio
B0508 02/20/05 Gen 46:29-47:27 How God Measures Greatness Audio
B0509 02/27/05 Gen 47:28-50 God's Hall Of Fame Audio

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