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Dennis Waltemeyer

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Sunday Morning Worship/Bible Study - Exodus

A1726 06/25/17 Exodus Introduction to Exodus Text   Audio
A1727 07/02/17 Exodus 1-2 She Named Him Moses Text   Audio
A1648 11/27/16 Exodus 3-4 The Call of Moses Text   Audio
A1702 01/08/17 Exodus 5:1-7:7 Let My People Go Text   Audio
A1728 07/09/17 Exodus 7:8-25 Know That I Am the LORD, Part 1 Text   Audio
A1729 07/16/17 Exodus 8 Know That I Am the LORD, Part 2 Text   Audio
A1730 07/23/17 Exodus 9 Know That I Am the LORD, Part 3 Text   Audio
A1731 07/30/17 Exodus 10 Know That I Am the LORD, Part 4 Text   Audio
A1732 08/06/17 Exodus 11 The Passover, Part 1 Text   Audio
A1733 08/13/17 Exodus 12:1-13 The Passover, Part 2 Text   Audio
A1734 08/20/17 Exodus 12:14-32 The Passover, Part 3 Text   Audio
A1735 08/27/17 Exodus 12:33-51 The Passover, Part 4 Text   Audio
A1736 09/03/17 Exodus 13 The Firstborn & The Exodus Text   Audio
B1737 09/10/17 Exodus 14 The Salvation of the Lord Text   Audio
B1738 09/17/17 Exodus 15:1-21 Song of the Sea Text   Audio
B1739 09/24/17 Exodus 15:22-16:7 The Provision of the Lord Text   Audio
B1740 10/01/17 Exodus 16:8-36 Meat, Manna, Sabbath Text   Audio
B1741 10/08/17 Exodus 17-18 Water, War & Administration Text   Audio
B1742 10/15/17 Exodus 19 Moses on Mt. Sinai Text   Audio
B1743 10/22/17 Exodus 20 Introduction to the Law Text   Audio
B1744 10/29/17 Exodus 20:1-7 The Ten Commandments, Part 1 Text   Audio
B1745 11/05/17 Exodus 20:8-13 The Ten Commandments, Part 2 Text   Audio
B1746 11/12/17 Exodus 20:14-15 The Ten Commandments, Part 3 Text   Audio
B1747 11/19/17 Exodus 20:16-21 The Ten Commandments, Part 4 Text   Audio
B1748 11/26/17 Exodus 20:22-21:11 The Covenant Code: The Altar, Slavery Text   Audio
B1749 12/03/17 Exodus 21:1-14 The Covenant Code: Spiritual Slavery, Personal Injury Text   Audio
B1750 12/10/17 Exodus 21:15-36 The Covenant Code: Personal Injury Text   Audio
B1752 12/24/17 Exodus 22:1-18 The Covenant Code: Property Rights, Sorcery Text   Audio
B1753 12/31/17 Exodus 22:19-31 The Covenant Code: Various Laws Text   Audio
B1801 01/07/18 Exodus 23:1-13 The Covenant Code: Justice, Land and Sabbath Text   Audio
B1802 01/14/18 Exodus 23:14-33 The Covenant Code: Feasts, Conquest Text   Audio

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