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Adult Sunday School -- Church To Kingdom - Part 5
"This series is based on the pioneering work of Charles Clough started in the 1970ís. At times there are extensive citations without notation. This is known and authorized by the governing board of Biblical Framework Ministries."

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B1110 03/06/11   Introduction To Ascension & Session Of Christ - Part 1 Text Audio
B1111 03/13/11   Introduction To Ascension & Session Of Christ - Part 2 Text Audio
B1112 03/20/11   The Significance Of The Ascension Text Audio
B1113 04/03/11   The Significance Of The Session Text Audio
B1115 04/17/11   Doctrine Of Judgment/ Salvation: Countdown Initiated Text Audio
B1116 04/24/11   Angelic Involvement In History Text Audio
B1117 05/01/11   Satan's Tactics For The Present Era Text Audio
B1118 05/08/11   Basic Doctrines Underlying The Christian Life Text Audio
B1119 05/15/11   Appendix: The Reformation Text Audio
B1120 05/22/11   Appendix: TULIP Text Audio
B1121 05/29/11   Appendix: Covenant Theology Text  
B1122 06/05/11   Appendix: Dispensational Theology Text Audio
B1123 06/12/11   Appendix: The Resolution Text Audio
B1124 06/19/11   The Spirit Loosened From The Kingdom Text Audio
B1125 06/26/11   The Day Of Pentecost Text Audio
B1126 07/03/11   Peter's Explanation Of Pentecost Text Audio
B1127 07/10/11   Further Explanation Of Pentecost Text Audio
B1128 07/17/11   Three Mini Pentecost's Text Audio
B1129 07/24/11   The Baptism Of The Spirit Text Audio
B1130 07/31/11   Trinity In Review Text Audio
B1131 08/07/11   Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit Text Audio
B1132 08/14/11   Regeneration Text Audio
B1133 08/21/11   Indwelling Text Audio
B1134 08/28/11   Baptism Text Audio
B1136 09/11/11   "Sealing, Intercession, Spiritual Gifts" Text Audio
B1137 09/18/11   The Emergence Of The Church Text Audio
B1138 09/25/11   Recognition Of God's Worldwide Plan Text Audio
B1139 10/02/11   Inclusion Of The Samaritans & Gentiles In The Church Text Audio
B1140 10/09/11   Official Recognition Of Gentiles In The Church Text Audio
B1141 10/16/11   Center Of Church Moves To Gentile World Text Audio
B1142 10/23/11   Doctrine Of The Son - Part 1 Text Audio
B1143 11/06/11   Doctrine Of The Son - Part 2 Text Audio
B1144 11/13/11   Doctrine Of The Father - Part 1 Text Audio
B1145 11/20/11   Doctrine Of The Father - Part 2 Text Audio
B1146 11/27/11   The Maturing Of The Church Text Audio
B1147 12/04/11   Authority In Scripture Text Audio
B1148 12/11/11   Christology & Trinity Text Audio
B1149 12/18/11   Soteriology - Part1 Text Audio
B1201 01/01/12   Soteriology - Part2 Text Audio
B1202 01/08/12   Ecclesiology Text Audio
B1203 01/15/12   Eschatology Text Audio
B1204 01/22/12   Sanctification In The Church Text Audio
B1205 01/29/12   Introduction To Eschatology Text Audio
B1206 02/05/12   Israel's Covenants Text Audio
B1207 02/12/12   Israel's Programs Text Audio
B1208 02/19/12   Israel's Prophetic Terminology Text Audio
B1209 02/26/12   The Church's Progress Text Audio
B1210 03/04/12   Preterism Text Audio
B1211 03/11/12   Preterism: Time-Texts Text Audio
B1212 03/18/12   Preterism Problems Text Audio
B1213 03/25/12   Post-Tribulationism Text Audio
B1215 04/08/12   Post-Tribulationism Problems Text Audio
B1216 04/15/12   Pre-Wrath Rapture Text Audio
B1217 04/22/12   Mid-Tribulationism Text Audio
B1218 05/06/12   Pre-Tribulationism Text Audio
B1219 05/13/12   Pre-Tribulationism- The Darby Criticism Text Audio
B1220 05/20/12   Pre-Tribulationism-The Matthew 24 Criticism Text Audio
B1221 05/27/12   Pre-Tribulationism-The 2nd Thessalonians 2 & Escapist Criticisms Text Audio
B1222 06/03/12   Framework Review Text Audio



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