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Adult Sunday School -- Solomon To Restoration - Part 3
"This series is based on the pioneering work of Charles Clough started in the 1970ís. At times there are extensive citations without notation. This is known and authorized by the governing board of Biblical Framework Ministries."

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Click Here for Abraham To David - Part 2

B0920 05/17/09   The Golden Era Of Solomon Text Audio
B0921 05/24/09   The Cultural Fruit Of Solomon Text Audio
B0922 05/31/09   The Root Of The Cultural Fruit Text Audio
B0924 06/14/09   Review Of Sanctification Text Audio
B0925 06/21/09   The Relationship Of Faith To Culture Text Audio
B0926 06/28/09   Loyalty To God In Every Area Of Life Text Audio
B0927 07/05/09   David's Response To Trials Text Audio
B0928 07/12/09   Rehoboam & The Rejection Of The Davidic Dynasty Text Audio
B0929 07/19/09   Jeroboam's Rejection Of The Jewish Temple Text Audio
B0930 07/26/09   Ahab's Rejection Of The Lord Himself Text Audio
B0931 08/02/09   Elijah's Content With Baal Prophets Text Audio
B0932 08/09/09   Review Of Sanctification & Suffering Text Audio
B0934 08/23/09   Doctrine Of Divine Discipline Text Audio
B0935 08/30/09   The Kingdoms Decline Text Audio
B0937 09/13/09   God's Sovereign Rule Over All Nations Text Audio
B0938 09/20/09   No Claim on YHWH's Protection Text Audio
B0939 09/27/09   God Will Supply The Righteousness Text Audio
B0940 10/04/09   The New Covenant & Resolution Of Old Testament Tension Text Audio
B0941 10/11/09   Review Of Sanctification Text Audio
B0942 10/18/09   The Transfer Of  Political Supremacy Text Audio
B0943 10/25/09   End Of Solomonic Dynasty & Departure Of Shekinah Text  
B0944 11/01/09   The Rise Of Gentile Imperialism Text Audio
B0945 11/08/09   Characteristics Of Gentile Imperialism Text Audio
B0946 11/15/09   The Rise Of World Religions & Philosophy Text Audio
B0947 11/22/09   Separation From Pagan Culture Text Audio
B0948 11/29/09   Doctrine Of Separation & Rise Of Apocalyptic Text Audio
B0949 12/06/09   Partial Restoration Text Audio
B0950 12/13/09   Doctrine Of Preservation Text Audio
B0951 12/20/09   Doctrine Of Prayer Text Audio
B0952 12/27/09   The Millennial Issue Text Audio
B1001 01/03/10   Pre-Millennialism Text Audio
B1002 01/10/10   A-Millennialism Text Audio
B1003 01/17/10   Post-Millennialism Text Audio
B1004 01/24/10   Resolution Of The Millennial Issue Text Audio
B1007 02/14/10   Disciplinary Truths Of The Kingdom Text Audio

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