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Adult Sunday School -- Abraham To David - Part 2
"This series is based on the pioneering work of Charles Clough started in the 1970ís. At times there are extensive citations without notation. This is known and authorized by the governing board of Biblical Framework Ministries."

Click Here for Creation To Babel - Part 1

B0813 04/06/08   Strategic Envelopment Text Audio
B0814 04/13/08   Strategic Envelopment Applied Text Audio
B0815 04/20/08   The Flaw In Post-Diluvial Civilization Text Audio
B0816 04/27/08   The Post-Diluvial Environment Text Audio
B0817 05/04/08   Post-Diluvial Migration Text Audio
B0818 05/11/08   The Tower Of Babel Text Audio
B0819 05/18/08   The World System Text Audio
B0833 09/14/08   Creation & Fall Review Text Audio
B0834 09/21/08   Flood & Covenant Review Text Audio
B0835 09/28/08   The Call Of Abraham Text Audio
B0836 10/05/08   The Abrahamic Covenant Text Audio
B0837 10/12/08   The Doctrine Of Election Text Audio
B0838 10/19/08   The Doctrine Of Justification Text Audio
B0839 10/26/08   The Doctrine Of Faith Text Audio
B0840 11/02/08   The Background Of Exodus From Egypt Text Audio
B0841 11/09/08   The Exodus From Egypt Text Audio
B0842 11/16/08   Ancient Egypt Chronology Text Audio
B0843 11/23/08   The Meaning Of The Exodus Text Audio
B0844 11/30/08   The Doctrine Of Judgment/Salvation Text Audio
B0845 12/07/08   Substitutionary Blood Atonement Text Audio
B0846 12/14/08   Mount Sinai Text Audio
B0847 12/21/08   Suzerainty-Vassal Treaties Text Audio
B0848 12/28/08   Ethics, Values, & Law Text Audio
B0901 01/04/09   The Doctrine Of Revelation - Part 1 Text Audio
B0902 01/11/09   The Doctrine Of Revelation - Part 2 Text Audio
B0904 01/25/09   The Doctrine Of Inspiration & Canonicity Text Audio
B0905 02/01/09   The Conquest & Settlement Text Audio
B0906 02/08/09   Kadesh-Barnea Text Audio
B0907 02/15/09   Victory At Jericho, Defeat At Ai Text Audio
B0908 02/22/09   The Longest Day At Aijalon/Doom At Bochim Text Audio
B0909 03/01/09   The Phases & Aims Of Sanctification Text Audio
B0910 03/08/09   The Means & Dimensions Of Sanctification Text Audio
B0911 03/15/09   The Enemies Of Sanctification Text Audio
B0912 03/22/09   Application Of Disruptive Truths Text Audio
B0913 03/29/09   The Background For Kingship Text Audio
B0914 04/05/09   Lex Rex Text Audio
B0915 04/12/09   Saul's Conditional Kingship Text Audio
B0916 04/19/09   David's Unconditional Kingship Text Audio
B0917 04/26/09   David's Royal Record Text Audio
B0919 05/10/09   Conviction, Confession, Restoration Text Audio
B1006 02/07/10   Disruptive Trusts Of The Kingdom Text Audio

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