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Sunday Morning Worship -- Acts

A0803 01/20/08 Acts 1:1-8  The Transitional Nature Of Acts Text Audio
A0804 01/27/08 Acts 1:1-8  The Promise Of The Holy Spirit Text Audio
A0805 02/03/08 Acts 1:6-11  The Ascension Of Christ Text Audio
A0806 02/10/08 Acts 1:12-26  The Choosing Of The Twelfth Apostle Text Audio
A0807 02/17/08 Acts 2:1-13  The Coming Of The Holy Spirit Text Audio
A0808 02/24/08 1 Cor 13  The Doctrine Of Tongues Text Audio
A0809 03/02/08 Acts 2:14-36  The Explanation Of Tongues Text Audio
A0810 03/09/08 Acts 2:22-32  The Resurrection Of Jesus Text Audio
A0811 03/16/08 Acts 1:1-8  The Kingdom In Early Acts Text Audio
A0813 03/30/08 Acts 2:33-36  The Deity & Messiahship Of Jesus Text Audio
A0814 04/06/08 Acts 2:37-41  Repent & Be Baptized Text Audio
A0815 04/13/08 Acts 2:42-47  The Expectation Of The Kingdom Text Audio
A0816 04/20/08 Acts 3:1-11  The Healing Of The Lame Beggar Text Audio
A0818 05/04/08 Acts 3:12-26  Peter's Second Sermon To Israel Text Audio
A0819 05/11/08 Acts 3:12-4:4  The Rise Of Persecution Text Audio
A0820 05/18/08 Acts 4:5-12  The Interrogation By The Sanhedrin Text Audio
A0821 05/25/08 Acts 4:13-22  The Supremacy Of God's Authority Text Audio
A0825 06/22/08 Acts 4:23-31  The Prayer For Boldness Text Audio
A0826 06/29/08 Acts 4:32-5:1  The Authorization Of The Apostles - Part 1 Text Audio
A0827 07/06/08 Acts 5:1-11  The Authorization Of The Apostles - Part 2 Text Audio
A0828 07/13/08 Acts 5:12-27  The Increase Of Persecution Text Audio
A0829 07/20/08 Acts 5:27-42  The Prudent Plan Of Gamaliel Text Audio
A0830 07/27/08 Acts 6:1-7  The Choosing Of The Seven Text Audio
A0831 08/03/08 Acts 6:8-15  The Arrest Of Stephen Text Audio
A0832 08/10/08 Acts 7:1-8  The Typology Of Abraham Text Audio
A0833 08/17/08 Acts 7:9-16  The Typology Of Joseph Text Audio
A0834 08/24/08 Acts 7:17-43  The Typology Of Moses Text Audio
A0835 08/31/08 Acts 7:44-8:1  The Stoning Of Stephen Text Audio
A0836 09/07/08 Acts 8:1-8  The Scattering Of The Church Text Audio
A0838 09/21/08 Acts 8:5-24  The Preaching In Samaria Text Audio
A0839 09/28/08 Acts 8:25-40  The Preaching To The Ethiopian Eunuch Text Audio
A0840 10/05/08 Acts 9:1-9  The Preaching To Saul, The Lawyer Text Audio
A0841 10/12/08 Acts 9:10-19  The Apostleship Of Saul Text Audio
A0842 10/19/08 Acts 9:20-31  The Early Ministry Of Saul Text Audio
A0845 11/09/08 Acts 9:32-43  The Ministry Of Peter Expands Text Audio
A0846 11/16/08 Acts 10:1-8  The Vision Of Cornelius Text Audio
A0847 11/23/08 Acts 10:9-23  The Vision Of Peter Text Audio
A0848 11/30/08 Acts 10:24-48  The Gentile Pentecost Text Audio
A0849 12/07/08 Acts 10:34-48  Jesus Christ: Lord Of All Text Audio
A0850 12/14/08 Acts 11:1-18  The Doctrine Of The Church Text Audio
A0852 12/28/08 Acts 11:19-30  The Church In Antioch Text Audio
A0901 01/04/09 Acts 12  Herod Agrippa Persecutes The Church Text Audio
A0902 01/11/09 Acts 13:1-3  The First Missionaries Text Audio
A0903 01/18/09 Acts 13:4-12  The Satanic Attack of Bar-Jesus Text Audio
A0904 01/25/09 Acts 13:13-41  Paul's Historical Framework Methodology Text Audio
A0905 02/01/09 Acts 13:42-52  The Response At Pisidian Antioch Text Audio
A0906 02/08/09 Acts 14:1-18  Division Vs. Confusion Text Audio
A0907 02/15/09 Acts 14:19-28  Early Church Planting Text Audio
A0908 02/22/09 Acts 15:1-5  The Dispensational Transition Text Audio
A0909 03/01/09 Acts 15:1-12  The Council Of Jerusalem Text Audio
A0910 03/08/09 Acts 15:12-13  The Judgment Of James Text Audio
A0911 03/15/09 Acts 15:22-35  The Hermeneutics Of Dispensationalism Text Audio
A0912 03/22/09 Acts 15:36-16:10  The Invasion Of Europe Text Audio
A0913 03/29/09 Acts 16:11-24  The Economic Impact Of The Gospel Text Audio
A0914 04/05/09 Acts 16:25-34  The Evangelical Wake-Up Call Text Audio
A0915 04/12/09 Acts 17:2-3  Reasoning From The Scriptures Text Audio
A0916 04/13/09 Acts 16:35-40  The Legal Impact Of The Gospel Text Audio
A0916A 04/13/09    Commemoration Of The Battle Of Lexington Text  
A0919 05/10/09 Acts 17:1-9  The Failure Of Pragmatic Philosophy Text Audio
A0920 05/17/09 Acts 17:10-18  The Philosophical Impact Of The Gospel Text Audio
A0921 05/24/09 Acts 17:19-23  Jerusalem Meets Athens - Part 1 Text Audio
A0922 05/31/09 Acts 17:24-25  Jerusalem Meets Athens - Part 2 Text Audio
A0923 06/07/09 Acts 17:26-30  Jerusalem Meets Athens - Part 3 Text Audio
A0924 06/14/09 Acts 17:30-34  Jerusalem Meets Athens - Part 4 Text Audio
A0925 06/21/09 Acts 18:1-17  Paul's Encouragement At Corinth Text Audio
A0926 06/28/09 Acts 18:18-28  The Next Instrument: Apollos Text Audio
A0927 07/05/09 Acts 19:1-10  Faith, Baptism & Tongues Text Audio
A0928 07/12/09 Acts 19:8-20  Teaching, Miracles, & Demons Text Audio
A0929 07/19/09 Acts 19:21-41  Great Artemis Of The Ephesians Text Audio
A0930 07/26/09 Acts 20:1-6  Asleep In Bible Class Text Audio
A0931 08/02/09 Acts 20:17-38  The Final Charge To Ephesian Elders Text Audio
A0932 08/09/09 Acts 21:1-14  The Mentality Of A Martyr Text Audio
A0933 08/16/09 Acts 21:15-26  The Law Of Moses & Jewish Christians Text Audio
A0934 08/23/09 Acts 21:27-40  The Proper Operation Of The Fourth Divine Institution Text Audio
A0935 08/30/09 Acts 22:1-21  Paul's Apologetic To The Jews Text Audio
A0937 09/13/09 Acts 22:22-23:11  Paul Before The Sanhedrin Text Audio
A0938 09/20/09 Acts 23:11-35  The Assassination Plot Text Audio
A0939 09/27/09 Acts 24:1-7  Paul Before Felix Text Audio
A0940 10/04/09 Acts 24:1-27  Paul Before Festus Text Audio
A0941 10/11/09 Acts 26:1-32  Paul Before King Agrippa II Text Audio
A0942 10/18/09 Acts 27:1-26  Paul's Courage In The Northeaster Text Audio
A0943 10/25/09 Acts 27:27-28:10  The Shipwreck On Malta Text Audio
A0944 11/01/09 Acts 28:11-31  Rome, At Last Text Audio


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